A Proclamation of

National Flossing Day 2007


This nation will once again have spent a full day focused on food, on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2007,

And it behooves each of us to floss after meals,


It is befitting and proper that the following day,
November 23, 2007
be celebrated as

National Flossing Day

During that day each and every person is encouraged to consider the role flossing has played in his or her life during the previous year, and make plans to
Help Spread "Peace of Mouth"
in their own lives and the lives of others around them, in ways with and without floss.

All citizens are encouraged to do whatever possible to promote the availability of floss in their homes, in restaurants, and in every place where the floss-needy may be found, here in the United States and Overseas.

On this special day, our children should also be made aware of the richness and health that flossing can bring to life.

Be this day so proclaimed in the name of all the Volunteers who have devoted time to the work of the
National Flossing Council
and to Help Spread "Peace of Mouth!"

Armand Lione
National Flossing Council
Washington, DC

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