National Flossing Day
November 28, 2008
(It's always the day after Thanksgiving)

Once again, we've celebrated
National Flossing Day

from the Proclamation:
During that day each and every person is encouraged to consider the role flossing has played in his or her life during the previous year,
and to promote change so to
Help Spread "Peace of Mouth"
in their own lives and the lives of others around them,
in ways with and without floss.

To read the full Proclamation for 2008, click here!

In the spirit of National Flossing Day 2008, we promoted

Flossing Etiquette
(Click here to learn more!)

For 2007, we asked McDonald's to offer floss with their meals!

For 2006, here in Washington at the National Headquarters, we once again had a Floss/Food Art Party

Click here to see the Winners!

Check out the 2005 Food Art entries for more inspiration!

For 2004 we gave a Flossy to Ellen DeGeneres

Let us know how you celebrated
National Flossing Day
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Read this year's Proclamation of National Flossing Day! -
(You can also download a copy for use at your party.)
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Nov 25, 2005
was celebrated at
United Methodist Temple - photos
Ben & Jerry's - haikus
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