The following are excerpts from media coverage the National Flossing Council has received in its goal to "Spread Peace of Mouth".

Washington Post, February 23rd, 1999 - Floscars

Washington Post, March 27th, 1999 -Floscar Winner

The following excerpt is from the Reliable Source in the Style Section of the Washington Post published Tuesday, 23 of February, 1999. The next day, AP picked up the story and their wire service made it global!
What better event to rip off when you're promoting flossing than the Academy Awards, ground zero for toothy grins?

A few weeks after we get this year's Oscar nominees, along come the Floscar nominees, for best reference to dental floss in a major motion picture, regardless of release date.

Just who is behind this cinematic silliness? District toxicologist Armand Lione, founder of the wholly bogus National Flossing Council and president of the very real Associated Pharmacologists & Toxicologists.

Lione, 51, who says he flosses after every meal because he has large spaces between his teeth, has been fascinated by this form of oral hygiene for decades. At 17, he urged Johnson & Johnson to make small packets of waxed string for restaurant use. A company official replied that "this is not a new idea" and the cost would be "excessive."

The Floscar nominees "are the only five we could find," Lione told The Post's Janelle Erlichman: "Austin Powers," 1997; "Kingpin," 1996; "L.A. Story," 1991; "Pretty Woman," 1990; and "The Eiger Sanction," 1975.
Lione will announce the winner March 21, at what he says will be a very flossy event.
As a follow-up, on March 27th, the Washington Post reported the results of the Floscars in the Names and Faces Column in the Style Section.
It was Whoopi Goldberg at the Academy Awards who likened Austin Powers to the Bard by implying that both were "strangers to flossing."

That same night the Floscars also took place: the National Council of Flossing's much shorter presentation for best reference to dental floss in a major motion picture (regardless of release date). Coincidence? Maybe.

And the winner . . . "Pretty Woman" beat out "Austin Powers," "Kingpin," "L.A. Story" and "The Eiger Sanction."
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