Floss in Single Packets ("Floss Sachets")
Details on how you can order sachets
with your business logo are below.
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My interest in floss in individual packets seems to go back quite a way - I was surprised a few years ago to find a reply from the "Director of Outside Suggetions" at Johnson & Johnson thanking me for a letter on the subject, dated 1963.

Well, the time of the individual floss packet (or "sachet") is here!
Crest/Glide has one, and now there are two companies, (both with origins in Colombia,SA), who are marketing floss sachets and will print customized sachets for any interested organization.

Here at the National Flossing Council, we've taken on the challenge of getting new business for both of these companies, in Washington, DC and across the US.

On National Flossing Day, we'll be publicizing all of the groups who are distributing floss sachets to their clients!

The cost of custom printed sachets is only .03 - .04 each (in a minium batch of 10,000).

Restaurants - The day of the matchbook is over! Here's a way to offer diners a topical memento of their meal and a handy way to clean their teeth, after they dine!

Hotels & B&Bs - Here's a way to charm your guests with an important travelling amenity, that's low cost and gives each guest all of your contact info!

Dentists & Health Care Organizations - Show your clients you really care by giving them something that will keep their teeth healthy and clean!
Two Ways To Order!
MyFloss is produced by www.panaceadental.com
in Miami, Florida
Contact: Andrea Echavarria aechavarria@panaceadental.com
for your customized floss sachets!
The NFC sachets above were made by www.Macrolab.com.co in Medellin, Colombia, SA
Contact: Simon Echavarria
Click on the image to download a pdf that you can use
to design a version with your own logo.
Be sure to let us know if you've ordered customized floss sachets and we'll add you to this page!
Email questions, comments and news to: Sachets@flossing.org
In August 08, the
National Association of Addiction Counselors (www.NAADAC.org)
had floss sachets made and distributed them at their
Annual Meeting in Kansas.
They were a great hit!
Here's another way you can "Help Spread Peace of Mouth!"
Many thanks to Donovan and Pat at the NAADAC!