National Flossing Council Demands National Weather Service Retract Name “Flossie”
and Issue Apology

“The Time for Flossing Demonization Has Come to An End”
For Immediate Release

WASHINGTON DC, August 16, 2007—The National Flossing Council—the premier organization for floss advocacy and education—today issued a demand that the name ‘Flossie’ be stricken from use when being applied to severe storms such as hurricanes. In addition, the group demanded that the National Weather Service retroactively strike the name ‘Flossie’ from its records pertaining to the recent hurricane/tropical storm as it casts flossing and flossers in a derogatory, perhaps even libelous light.

In making today’s announcement, Council Director Armand Lione stated, “The blow hards at the National Weather Service have viciously attacked fans of oral hygiene everywhere by naming a dangerous and violent storm after a person who is being flossed. That type of association is damaging and dangerous, making the forecast call for less flossing, followed by increased halitosis and plaque with a 50% chance of gingivitis.”

Continued Lione, “The only responsible and effective way to remedy this situation is to rename that storm ‘Placquey’ and cast the negative light where it belongs.”

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Armand Lione