Floss Games!
Here are some games and activities that can be done with floss to celebrate National Flossing Day - or anytime!
1. Cat's Cradle:
This is a classic string game that can be played with floss. You'll find a lot of info about Cat's Cradle on the web, but I think the most extensive and well illustrated source is this PDF file of a 52 page booklet originally printed in India. Enjoy!
2. Guess Your Waist Size:
What you need: Dental floss & a ruler
Each player pulls out a piece of floss that equals the size of his or her waist. The player who comes closest wins! Try to remember your waist size this year (Thanksgiving is always a challange to our waists), and see how you do next year!
3. Ring game
A. Slip a ring on a long piece of string and knot the ends together.
B. Have the players stand in a circle, with one player standing separately inside the circle. Place the string so that it is held in their closed hands and forms a complete circle. One player should be holding the ring under his closed hands.
C. Begin passing. Each player makes the motions of passing something along the string, whether or not they are holding the actual ring. The ring circulates from one to another unseen to the eye.
D. Have the player in the middle tries to find it. As soon as the ring is found, the person in whose hands it was takes his place, and the ring is passed as before.
Do you know a floss game or have an idea for new game? If so, email: Flossgames@flossing.org